Topical Sermons
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Abortion The Shedding of Innocent Blood by Rev. Kevin Folger
Baptists What Makes Baptists Different? by Dr. Marvin McKenzie
Baptism What Constitutes Scriptural Baptism by Rev. K.B. Murray
Bible God's Word by Rev Don Robinson
Which Version? by Rev. Marty Hughes
Why Teach and Preach the Word? by Rev. James Ragsdale
Blood The Blood by Rev Roger Douglas
Blessings, of God Diggin' a Ditch in Jesus' Name! by Rev Shelton Cole
Christian Living A Better Relationship by Rev Michael J. Carney
  How to Work for God Effectively by Rev Dan Bembry
Christmas  Click Here for More Christmas Sermons (See New Testament Also)
What Child is This? by Rev. Michael O'Neal
His is a Wonderful Life by Rev. Jim Walterhouse
A Tale of Two Faiths by Rev. Craig Ledbetter
O' Come Let Us Adore Him by Rev. Michael O'Neal
Christmas, The Next Day. by Rev. Marvin McKenzie
The Insignificant In Christmas by Rev. Don Erickson
Four Presents at Christmas by Rev. Chuck Bonner
Searching for the Perfect Gift by Rev. Jim Walterhouse
Snapshots of the Son of God by Rev. Bob Lewis
How to Assemble a Merry Christmas by Rev. Shelton Cole
The Phenomenon of Christmas  by Rev. K.B. Murray
The Cradle, The Cross, The Crown  by Rev. Shelton Cole
The Night of Miracles  by Rev. K.B. Murray
God in the Manger  by Rev. Don Robinson
Church 5 Things Jesus Left the Church Rev. Kevin Burden


Contending for the Faith by Rev. Bob Nolan
Go Ye! by Rev. Dayton Burt
How to Build A Church by Rev. Ronnie Reese
Church Membership How to Be A
Good Church Member
by Rev. Kevin Burden
Comfort God is in Trouble by Rev. Mike Turner
Consecration 7 Signs of Commitment by Rev. Jason Vinson


I'm Going for a Walk by Rev. Marvin McKenzie
Death The Death of Di -- Then What? by Rev. Mark Redd
Devil The Devil by Rev. Marvin McKenzie
Discipleship Steps to Freedom in Christ by Rev. Marty Hughes
Seven Voices of Jesus by Rev. Chuck Bonner
Who Is This Simon? by Dr. Brent Smith
Drinking/Drunkeness The Raging Deceiver by Pastor Dan Parton
Easter The Seven Openings of Easter by Pastor Kevin Burden
Father/Father's Day A Legacy by Pastor Art Ferry
A Father's Responsibility by Pastor Ron Wood
Faith/Faithfulness How to Kill a Church Without Trying by Rev. Bill Roberts
Fear Conquering Fear by Rev Otis Nixdorf

Fear of God

The Fear of God

by Rev Greg Smart

Finances Stewardship by Rev Otis Nixdorf
God's Purposes for Money by Rev Don Robinson
God, will of, Hearing the Voice of God by Rev. Marty Hughes
Graduation Where Do I Go From Here? by Rev. Russell R. Williams
Grand Parents The Grand Parent by Rev. Russell R. Williams
Heaven The Believer's Hope  by Rev David Zimmerman
Hell 3 Things in Hell... by Rev Shelton Cole
Holiness Why Jesus Had to Come by Rev Rick Williams
Humility Humility by Rev. Lewis Collier
John the Baptist Holy Smoke! The Preacher's On Fire by Rev. Bill Hathaway
Kindness How To Speak With Grace by Rev Otis Nixdorf


There is Liberty

by Rev. Jack Peters

Lord's Supper It's The Lord's Supper by Rev David Zimmerman
Love What Love Can Do by Rev Michael O'Neal

Marriage, Biblical

The Biblical Marriage

by Dr. Don Boys

Men Men of God by Rev. Brent D. Smith
Mother/Mother's Day Just Like Mom! by Rev. Shelton Cole
Example of a Godly Mother by Rev. Jim Preston
God's Power for Faithful Mothers by Rev. Kevin Burden
Missions The Profound Simplicity of Missions  by Rev Harry Jackson
  Who Really Sends the Missionary  by Rev Jerry Glisson


What is Faith Promise Missions Giving?

by Rev. Charlie Ellison

Murder/Evil/Columbine Why Do Children Kill by Rev. Richard Scudder
New Year Ministering for the Master in the New Millennium by Rev. Michael O'Neal
Power, of God Is Anything Too Hard for God! by Rev. Kevin O'Brien
Prayer The Power of Prayer for the People Who Pray by Rev. K.B. Murray
Pray Ye Therefore by Rev Marvin E. McKenzie
Praying for Missions While Waiting for Jesus! by Rev. Jerry Wyatt
Redemption Free At Last! by Rev. Brett Sims
Repentance The Vital Place of Repentance -  by Rev. K.B. Murray
Repairing the Broken Altars by Rev. Jeryl Bennett
Revival Revive Us Again! by Rev. Don Robinson
Sin, Consequences of The Consequences of Sin by Rev. Thomas Hall
Thankfulness/Thanksgiving I Am Thankful For ... by Rev. Jack Henry
We Have a Good Reason to Praise God by Rev. Kevin Burden
Thanks for the Peace by Rev. Shelton Cole
How to have a Great Thanksgiving by Rev. Shelton Cole
Tongue How to Keep you Foot Out of Your Mouth by Rev Michael O'Neal
Tongues The Gift of Tongues - 1 by Rev. John Waldrip
The Gift of Tongues - 2 by Rev. John Waldrip

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