“Free At Last”

By Rev. Brett Sims
Bulletproof Ministries
A ministry of Greenwood Baptist Church

Topic: Redemption
Key Verse: Eph. 1:1-7
Introduction: The Definition of REDEMPTION is setting a person free. Which has come to belong to another. 
A better example of this is illustrated in the book of Lev. 25:47-49. As I was studying this message I thought of a man 
by the name of Martin Luther King when he spoke his famous words in the speech of I have a dream he said something 
that I thought goes with this message today he said "free at last free at last thank God almighty we are free at 
last"! We as Christians are free at last we became free when Jesus Christ died but we had to accepted it. 
I. Its Method- "through His blood

	A. In order for anyone to be set free sin must be paid for.
		1. what is the price for our sin? according to Hebrews 9:22--   the answer is the blood
		2. Jesus Christ paid the debit we could owe 
		3. Every Christians has been set free 
	B. There is no way we could ever give back to him but we can give him our time our, fellowship, and our life.. 
	C. Five things that we have by his blood

		1.We are JUSTIFIED by his blood---- Romans 5:9
		2.We are FORGIVEN by his blood---- Col 1:14
		3.We are CLEAN By his blood---Rev. 7:14	
		4.We have PEACE by his blood--- Col.   1:20
		5.We enter THE HOLIEST by his blood--- Heb. 10: 19
II. Its price- His Blood-I Cor.6: 20 
"We were bought with a price"
	A. The greatest price ever paid
		1. You see he did not pay this price with Silver, Gold, Cash, nor Check but only by his precious blood.   ----- ROMANS 5:7-8
		2. If Jesus did not shed his blood on Calvary we would not have been set free.
	B. The who, what, when, were and why of this price	
		1. WHO paid this price - JESUS CHRIST
		2. WHAT did he buy for-- THE WORLD so we might be saved 
		3. WHEN did he do this --- OVER 2,000 YEARS AGO 
		4. WHERE did he do this---- ON A CROSS A CALVARY
		5. WHY did he do this----- THERE IS ONLY ONE VERSE TO 
	C. We are the most valuable thing in this world that someone has ever paid for.	
Note: Bill Gates maybe this riches man on this world by the worlds standard but I have
news for them Every Christian in this world is riches person because they have the assurance
of eternal life things of this world will pass away oh but my God will not he is everlasting.  
III. Its Benefits- The Forgiveness of Sins--- Matthew 26:28

	A.  We are set free we have been forgiven.

		1. The bible tells us what Jesus does with our sins when we ask for 
			His forgiveness there are 5 things 
			a. He blotted them out - Isaiah 44:2-
			b. He has removed them - Psalm 103:11-12-
			c. He has cast them behind Him.- Isaiah 38:17-
			d. He has cast them into the depths of the sea - Micah 7:19-
			e. He remembers them no more - Hebrews 8:12-

	B. He does all these 5 things when we ask for his forgiveness

		1. No matter how bad you have been or how bad you think you are 
		Jesus Christ will forgive you all you have to do is ask Him to forgive 
		you sincerely get on your knees in prayer

	C. We can have all these benefits if:

		1. you make Jesus Christ lord and savior of your life you must be 
		born again John 3 2. You will have a new life in him
 IV. It's Source- IS CHRIST
	A. Redemption is in Christ you must go to Christ for redemption 
	B. Its not just by him its through him
Conclusion: If Jesus Christ did not go to the cross and die for you and I we would not 
be free at last you see no man woman or child could have done what Jesus did for us over 
2,000 years ago. If today you are no sure about your eternal home come to this altar and 
make your home Heaven. Don't turn Jesus away.

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