The Word of God

Pastor Don Robinson
Grace Baptist Temple, Bloomington, IN

The Word of God

The Word of God              

           Ps. 119:89 & var.

                  Jesus said that the  field  was
                   the  world  and  that  the seed was the
                   Word of God.  It is our responsibility to
                   distribute the Word of God to those who
                   have never heard.  Why  not  distribute  the 
                   works  of  Shakespeare  or  some  other 
                   great author?  Why not  distribute  the 
                   Encyclopedia  Brittanica  or  Webster's 
                   dictionary?  Why the emphasis upon  the 
                   Word  of  God?  Briefly  this morning I 
                   want to share  with  you  three  things 
                   about  the Word of God that will answer 
                   these and other questions.  

           I.  The  Permanence of the Word of God.  
                cf. Psalm 119:89 

              A.  There was never a time when  the 
                   Word of God did not exist.  

                 1. Jn. 1:1, "In the beginning was 
                      the Word,  and  the  Word  was 
                      with  God,  and  the  Word was 
                 2.  That means  that  before  the 
                      light  of  day,  there was the 
                      illumination of the Word.  
                 3.  Before  the  sun,  before the 
                      moon, before the stars, before 
                      the  mountains,   before   the 
                      oceans,   before  the  rivers, 
                      streams, and lakes, before the 
                      deserts,   before  the  trees, 
                      before the animals, before the 
                      insects,   before   the  fish, 
                      before the fowls of  the  air, 
                      before the man, and before the 
                4.  Before  anything  was brought 
                      into existence,  there was the 
                      eternal, inspired, infallible, 
                      perfect,  pure, powerful, Word 
                      of God!  

              B. Note the other side of the coin.  

                 1.  Mt.  24:35, "Heaven and earth 
                      shall pass away,  but my words 
                      shall not pass away." 
                 2.   After  science,  philosophy, 
                      education,        governments, 
                      nations,  kingdoms,   empires, 
                      tyrants,     dictators,    and 
                 3.   After   theology,   biology, 
                 4.  After  socialism,  communism.  
                 5.  After gold,  silver,  rubies, 
                      diamonds, the dollar, the yen, 
                      the ruble, and the shekel...  
                 6.  There will  be  the  precious 
                      living Word of the Living God!  

              C. The Word of God is permanent!

          II.  The Person  of  the  Word  of  God.  
                cf.John 5:39 

              A.  The  central character of all of 
                   the Word of God is Jesus Christ.  

                 1.  The Bible tells of  His  pre-
                      existence in John 1:1 
                 2.  The Bible tells of His virgin 
                       birth in Isaiah 7:14 
                 3.  The Bible tells of His atoning 
                      death in Romans 5:8 
                 4.   The  Bible  tells   of   His 
                       victorious   resurrection   in 
                       Revelation 1:18 
                 5.  The  Bible  tells   of   His 
                       triumphant return in Acts 1:11 
                 6.  The   Bible   tells  of  His 
                       righteous      kingdom      in 
                      Revelation 20:6 

              B. Consider this...

                 1.  Open the Bible anywhere , and 
                       it reveals Jesus.  
                 2.  Read the Bible anywhere,  and 
                       it writes of Jesus.  
                 3.  Listen to the Bible anywhere, 
                       and it speaks of Jesus.  
                 4.  That is why Philip could take 
                       a  portion  of Isaiah that the 
                       Ethiopian eunuch  was  reading 
                       and   begin  to  preach  Jesus 
                       Christ to him.  

              C. The person of the Word is Jesus!

         III. The Power of the Word.  cf.  Hebrews 4:12

              A.  There  is  great  power  in this 

                 1.  There is political  power  to 
                      control nations and people.  
                 2.  There  is  military  power to 
                      destroy armies and strongholds.  
                 3.  There is financial  power  to 
                      buy, sell, and trade.  
              B.  But the power of the Word of God 
                    is greater than them all!  

                 1. It is seen by its content...

                    a. It contains the mind of God 
                         and the ways of man.  
                    b.  It contains  the  doom  of 
                         sinners,  and  the  hope of 
                    c. It contains the uncertainty 
                         of life and the measure  of 

                 2. It is seen by its ability...

                    a.  It  is able to convict the 
                         heart,   and  convert   the 
                    b.  It  is able to conquer the 
                         will,   and   capture   the 

           Conclusion:   We  have  spoken  of  the 
           permanence,  the person,  and the power 
           of the Word of God.  In closing let ask 
           you about the place the Word of God has 
           in  you.  Jesus  told those wicked Jews 
           who sought to destroy Him that His word 
           had no place in them.  Does the Word of 
           God have its proper place in your life? 
           1) In your heart?  "Thy word have I hid 
              in mine heart..." cf. Ps. 119:11 
           2) In your home?  "...thou shalt  teach 
              them     diligently     unto     thy 
              children..." cf. De.6:7
           3)  In  your hand?  "But be ye doers of 
              the Word,  and not hearers  only..." 
              cf.  Jas. 1:22 

           This   morning,   if   you  have  never 
           accepted Jesus Christ as  your  Savior, 
           why  not  come  now  in  repentance and 
           faith  trusting  Him.  Christian,  does 
           the  Word  of God have its proper place 
           in your life?  Is  it  in  your  heart, 
           your  home,  and  your  hand?  Are  you 
           living the Word of God?