"The Biblical Marriage"

By  Evangelist Don Boys, Ph.D.
Source: Preacher Helps

Text:  Topical Marriage

*Copyright 2002, Don Boy

I.  The Preparation for Marriage

Marriage is not gritting your teeth and bearing it but gritting your teeth and         making it work. A couple must be:

    A-Mentally Prepared  Mark 10:9 It is for a lifetime!

    B-Metaphysically Prepared Amos 3:3 You must be in philosophical agreement.

    C-Monetarily Prepared  I Tim. 5:8 No money (or job)-no marriage.

II.  The Plan for Marriage Must include:

    A-Salvation Rev. 3:20

    B-Submission Eph. 5:22-24

    C-Showing  Eph. 5:25-32 Love is known only by the action it prompts.

    D-Sharing  Adam and Eve shared a rib.

III.  The Practice in Marriage     

How marriage is carried out day by day. A couple must be:




    D-Diligent (in cooperation)

IV.  The Problems in Marriage

    A-The Certainty of Problems

    B-The Cause of Problems

    C-The Course of Problems

        1. Your Progeny  (children)

        2. Your Purse    (money)

        3. Your Passion   (sex)

D-The Cure for Problems

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