Seven Voices of Jesus

By Pastor Chuck Bonner

Victory Baptist Church, Oshkosh, WI

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Text: I Kings 19:12

Introduction:  The Lord speaks to men today by the written Word of God. He also speaks silently to the Christian's heart by the Holy Spirit. We will take a brief look at seven voices of the Lord Jesus Christ as found in Scripture.

I. The Shepherd's Voice -- Follow Me

    A. The Sheep follow  Him John 10:27

    B. Follow  Him and not walk in darkness John 8:12

            1. To follow Jesus expresses a union of the two, you and Christ
            2. To follow Jesus  shows that you are united or "hooked together" with Him
            3. To follow Jesus is to go the same way as He goes

    C. Follow Him and be a fisher of men  Matt. 4:19

    D. Follow Jesus and take up your Cross

            1. Die to the importance of self
            2. Put the Lord first in your life every moment of every day
            3. Make Christ the number #1 priority  in your living; serving; and giving

II. The Master's Voice

    A. Occupy till I Come    Luke 19 :13

            1. the word "occupy" is used in the Bible two times; the first time in
                Ezekiel  27:9.
            2. here in Luke 19:13, it means "trade ye" or "gain your living" till the
                second coming of Christ.
            3. Work, or do our daily tasks and jobs until He comes; work for
                the Lord till He comes again.

    B. Jesus IS coming again in Glory

            1. We don't know when -- He is on HIS timetable
            2. Let's be ready for His coming; looking; working; serving; not
                giving up and not giving in.

III. The Savior's Voice

    A. Come unto Me
            Matthew 11:28 This basically means to "come here and follow" it
            is a command of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    B. We are to give our burdens to the Lord; Cast your care
        upon Him

    C. To come to Jesus and follow Him brings rest

            1. rest here means "refreshment"
            2. the word "rest" as used here is NOT a rest from work but a REST
                IN WORK. This refers to the harmonious working of will; heart;
                imagination; conscience;
            3. As we work (labor) for the Lord, He will refresh us as we come and
                follow Him.

IV. The Teachers Voice

    A. Learn of Me  Matt. 11:29 let us be meek and lowly
        (humble) so that we can be teachable

    B. Take His yoke upon you; this tells us that we should
        team up with Christ and submit to His authority.

    C. We are to follow Christ's example I Peter 2:21-22

V. The Voice of the Bridegroom

    A. The bridegroom has the Bride John 3:28-30

            1. the saved belong to the Lord
            2. we were bought with a price, the precious blood of Jesus Christ
                on the Cross of Calvary.

    B. He (the Bridegroom-Jesus) must increase in our lives vs 29-30

            1. We need more of Christ and less of self  in our lives
            2. We need more of He wants for us and less of what I want for me
            3. When we give Christ His rightful place in our lives, He blesses us
                more and more.

VI. The Voice of the Friend

    A. I will sup with him  Revelation 3:20 The word  "sup"
        here means spiritual communion between Christ and you.

    B. The True Friend knocks and offers help; encouragement
        and fellowship

    C. Notice the context here.

            1. We have a local New Testament Church that has shut Christ out.
                They may have their traditions; pageantry; ceremonies; etc. but not
                Christ nor His power. Therefore, they are a powerless congregation
                just going through the motions of "religion."
            2.  Jesus is knocking at the door of a local church and, as a "Friend",
                 offers to come in "if" any man (just one person) will hear the Lord
                 and open the door to the Lord.
            3. This shows the love; mercy; and grace of the Lord as well as His
                patience toward mankind.

VII. The Voice of the Physician

    A. Christ makes one whole  John 5:6

            1. we are complete in Him Colossians 2:10
            2. In Christ, we are complete in the "will of God"  Colossians 4:12

    B. He heals the broken - hearted Luke 4:18

            1. sometimes we think of a physical healing; but there is the "spiritual
                healing" or the "mending" that is needed in a person's life after a heart -              
                breaking experience.
            2. Let Christ heal you spiritually and do not dwell on the problems; give
                them to Christ by casting  ALL of your care upon Him. I Peter 5:7
            3. Remember  ...  wounds take time to heal and Christ the Great Physician                 
                heals broken hearts.


Let's follow the Voice of the Saviour. If you know Him not as personal Saviour, I beg you now, to receive Him. Ask Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins and, by faith, ask Him to come into your heart and save you now.

After you have received Him as your personal Saviour; continue to follow His voice. Read the Word of God and see what the Lord has for you. Allow your self to "Grow" spiritually. Follow Jesus Christ in Baptism as an act of personal obedience and as an answer of a good conscience toward the Lord. Be "teachable" by attending, on a weekly basis, a Bible believing Baptist church; getting into a Sunday morning Bible class. Learn and follow the Lord. Read the Word daily; pray daily; tell others of what Jesus Christ has done for you. Invite friends and relatives to receive Christ as their personal Saviour also. Turn to Him in every aspect of your life and share with Christ, every problem and concern in your life. make Him a part of your life on a daily basis.

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