Hearing the Voice of God

by Pastor Marty Hughes
First Bible Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK

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Text: 1 Samuel 3

Introduction: In todayís text we see an illustration of God calling his children into service. Much like Samuel, many of Godís children do not recognize Godís voice at first. This often leads to the circumstance of missing the blessings that come from being in the center of Godís will. Today, I am going to try to show you from scripture how to recognize the voice of God as He calls you to follow Him.

I. Ways that God has Spoken to Man Through the Ages.

II. What Is God Saying to His People Today?

Conclusion: The voice of God is not silent. He speaks to the heart of His people and calls them to follow in His steps. As Eli advised Samuel so long ago, I beg you to respond to His voice with, "Speak, Lord, thy servant heareth.

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