"The Gift of Tongues - Part 1"

by Pastor John Waldrip,

Calvary Road Baptist Church, Monrovia, CA

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Text: Topical - Tongues


1. This evening I am bringing a message entitled "The Gift Of Tongues." Since this message will be somewhat longer than most of the messages I have preached from this platform, I'm going to assume four things of you folks, in light of the grave importance of the preaching of God's Word, as we learned in this morning's study.

First, I'm going to assume that you will not get up and walk out. If you are not resolutely committed to sitting through the delivery of this message from beginning to end, and if there is any doubt whether or not you will find some piddling excuse to walk out during any part of this message, including my final remarks and the invitation that God may lead me to give at the end . . . then I humbly ask you to leave now. Good.

Second, I'm going to assume that you are a Christian who reads his or her Bible. This is because we will be dealing with a variety of different passages in the New Testament, as well as some in the Old Testament, which you really ought to be familiar with to some degree if you have been saved for more than a year. The reason for this assumption is so that I can move as quickly through this material as I am able.

Third, I will trust that you will write down the Scripture verses in the appropriate spaces provided in your handout so that we can have a good question and answer time at the conclusion of the service. Ladies, write your questions down on a piece of paper so that your husband can present the question to me and we can search God's Word for the answer. Husbands, don't be too bullheaded to ask me a question your wife wants answered but which you cannot answer on your own. It is no threat either to your manhood or your leadership to pose a question for me to answer. Ladies, if your husband refuses to ask me the question you handed to him, assume that he knows the answer and is waiting until you get home to fully explain it to you. Finally, I welcome and am delighted to have children present in our Sunday night service. However, tonight as well as any other night in which children are in attendance with their parents is a training time. Please do not hesitate to remove children from the auditorium who need to be reminded of their responsibilities to be silent and attentive during the preaching of the Word of God, and sit with them in the back of the room when they are ready to be brought back inside. Now, let us stand as the little ones make one last visit to the rest rooms before I preach and we sing one more song. A six point message from God's Word on the spiritual gift of tongues.


This will be enough of a review of the gift of tongues that even those among us who are quite unfamiliar with the controversy that rages in Christendom over this gift will become familiar enough with the subject that this message will be profitable even for them.


Again, there are methods we can employ to discern the reason for tongues:


Understanding what tongues are for goes a long way toward determining what a person's response is to the gift of tongues. You see, if you use tongues for what tongues are for you may get a favorable response. But if you use tongues improperly the response will certainly be quite unfavorable. To illustrate this, let's examine the response to tongues of four different kinds of people.

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