"Revive Us Again"

by Pastor Don Robinson,

Grace Baptist Temple, Bloomington, IN

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Text: Read: Ps. 85:6-7


In our text this morning the psalmist asks God an important question. "Wilt thou not revive us again?" We sometimes sing a hymn that says "Revive us again;" We talk about revival, but this morning I want us to take some time and analyze what is involved in it.

I. What is Revival?

II. When is Revival Needed?

III. What Kind of Revival Do We Need?

IV. How Can We Have Revival?


Revival is not turned on and off like a water fountain, but if we meet God's conditions He will bestow it upon us. There are souls that need to be saved, and se we grow complacent and self-satisfied? "Wilt Thou not revive us again: that Thy people may rejoice in thee? Shew us Thy mercy, O Lord, and grant us Thy sa

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