Which Version?

by Pastor Marty Hughes,
First Bible Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK

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The subject which we will discuss tonight is one of the most controversial and emotional subjects in Christianity today. There are clearly good and wise men on each side of this controversy. My purpose tonight is not to divide, judge, or criticize, it is simply to clarify my reasons as your Pastor for the conviction and policy of our church to only use the King James Version in all of its ministries. I believe that the King James Bible is the Word of God. I believe and teach that all other current English versions contain errors and, as a result, are subtle attempts by the Devil to cover up the truth. While it is clear that other versions do contain the major portion of God’s Word and that those who use them can be and are being used of God, if one desires all of the truth, then there is only one source in English today, the King James Version. Now, I will not deny that some of the wording in the King James is difficult to understand. I do dispute the assertion that children or young Christians can’t understand the King James so we should throw it aside and accept something inferior that is easier to read. However, since those arguments are generally based upon one’s preferences and/or one’s opinions, let us examine the root of the problem. There are several facts that make my choice of the King James Version a conviction to which I will continue to hold.

I. The New Versions Come From Questionable Sources

II. The New Versions Have Questionable Lines of Support

III. The Question of 6000 Omissions


The illustration from Joshua 9 from “How To Study The Bible” by Bob Alexander, pages 104-105 Now please don’t go and burn all the new versions that you can find just to show that you are spiritual. Don’t point your finger and condemn those who use them and accuse them of being “demon possessed.” My purpose in this chapter was to show YOU the difference in Bible versions so YOU could be edified and challenged to believe the word of God and come to your own conclusion.


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"Translators Revived" By Alexander McClure
"Defending the King James Bible" by D.A. Waite
"Introduction To The New Testament in The Original Greek" by Westcott - Let him tell you what he believed !
"Our Authorized Bible Vindicated" by Benjamin Wilkinson Excellent resource!

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