"How to Work for God Effectively"

By Evangelist Dan Bembry

Text:  1 Corinthians 3:1-13

Introduction: In verse 13, Paul say's that every man’s WORK shall be made Manifest: This word Work here means labor, something that is done with determination. A lot of times we start out to work for God and we fell because of no determination. The reason for this is because we labor or work for the wrong reason. (John 6:27 Says, Labor not for the meat which perisheth.  We work for personal gain.  We need to work for God, every man's work shall be made manifest.  Everything we do will be made known... that is what the Apostle Paul is saying here.

So in view of all of this how shall we work for God?  And how we can work for God Effectively?

I. Work with Enthusiasm

A.      Those who lack interest and fervor
are ineffective in working for God.

B.      They give the impression that the
gospel is unimportant.

C.     We must work with enthusiasm.  
Zeal and enthusiasm bring results
in Soul-Winning.  (Romans 12:11)

II. Work with Earnestness

(Matt. 9:37 says, the harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.)

A.       Many Christians are unconcerned.
They fail to take their soul-winning responsibilities. (Matt. 28:18-20)

B.      We must recognize the importance of winning the lost to Christ.

C.     Effective results come with earnest witnessing.

III. Work with Expectation
(Mark 11:24)

A.     Some Christians lack faith when working for God.
They do not expect results, and therefore they do not receive them.

B.     We must work with confidence.

C.     It takes faith to receive Christ; it also takes faith to bring others to a saving knowledge of Christ. (Romans 1:17)

IV. Work with Endurance
(I Tim. 4:10)

A.    Many Christians take the easy way.
They fail in God's work when endurance is required.

B.   To be effective we must persevere. We must endure
difficulties and distresses without being overcome. (II Tim. 4:5)

V. Work with Enjoyment

A.     Those who work grudgingly are ineffective.
They fail to display the joy of the Lord.

B.     Working happily brings results. Many are seeking
satisfaction and are attracted to happy Christians.

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