"His Name is at the Top!"

"His Name is at the Top!" Appropriated fromthe BBFI-Net in a message from Missionary A. Payne

His Name at the Top

I had the nicest Christmas list,
The longest one in town,
Till Daddy looked at it and said,
"You'll have to cut it down."

I knew that what he said was true
Beyond the faintest doubt,
But was amazed to hear him say,
"You've left your best friend out."

And so I scanned my list again,
And said, "Oh, that's not true!"
But Daddy said, "His name's not there,
That Friend who died for you."

And then I clearly understood,
'Twas Jesus that he meant;
For Him who should come first of all
I hadn't planned a cent!

I'd made a Christmas birthday list,
And left the Saviour out!
But, oh, it didn't take me long
To change the list about.

And though I've had to drop some names
of folks I like a lot,
My Lord must have the most---because
His name is at the top!