"Fathers Day "

by Pastor Don Robinson,

Grace Baptist Church, Bloomington, IN

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Text: Luke 15:11-24


Of all the fathers we find in the Bible, this man is spoken of more than the others combined. We don't know his name or the names of his sons. We know very little about him other than he was the one that Jesus chose to use to illustrate to us the relationship of the child of God to the Heavenly Father.

He was the father of two sons. One is called the 'prodigal'. As many times as I have heard this text preached and read it. I wasn't sure of the meaning of the word 'prodigal'. Webster says it is recklessly extravagant; or characterized by wasteful ex penditure. That describes our government pretty well doesn't it?

Often we are given the idea that there was one good son and one bad son, but that isn't the way the parable goes. Both boys had some problems, and their father dealt with each one individually. Today we want to focus on the father rather than on the sons. It was because he was what he was that his sons became what they should have been.

I. He was an Approachable father. v12-18

II. He was a spiritual father. v18

III. He was a father who was affectionate. v20


The father didn't care about how long his son had been away, now he was home. He didn't care about smell of the swine, now he was home. He wasn't con

What a challenge to all of us this morning. Do we need to come home to God today? If you have never been saved, why not come this morning and accept

If you have drifted away from God for whatever the reason, why not come home today? God is waiting to receive you this morning. Will you come?


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