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Pastor Sam Davison


"The Broad Way and the Narrow Way"

Here it is as promised. This is the sermon Brother Davison preached at BBC
Wednesday May 21st 1997. The sermon is almost 50 minutes long and is
divided into two parts. The first file is the first 26 minutes of the sermon
and is 2.7 megabytes in length. It will take about 15 minutes at 28.8 to
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Note: This outline is simply my notes from listening to the sermon. It is by no means an accurate representation of the actual sermon. It is a gist, and nothing more.

The Broad Way and the Narrow Way

Text: Matthew

Introduction: this portion on the sermon on the mount concentrates on man at the crossroads. There are two possibilities which we have to choose. Most of the time this passage is not preached in it's context. Though an application can be made in reference to salvation, it is not the primary application of it.

I. We all have a choice and the choice here is either a broad choice or a narrow choice.

Note: Every decision represents a choice for the narrow way or the broad way

II. What Determines your way is the choice you make

Note: You don't start out to choose the broad way but each choice takes you off course a little further. The natural man has a tendency to head towards the broad way. There are groups and churches that once knew life but now are dead. They were destroyed. They did not die choosing the NARROW WAY!

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