“12 Days After Christmas”

By Rev. Mike Carruthers
Gospel Light Baptist Church

Topic: Christmas

Text: Luke 2:43-52

Introduction Just a few verses earlier you'll find the age old Christmas story. While many are singing 12 days before Christmas, I say we should examine ourselves, yourself...Where are you spiritually 12 years later, 12 years after the birth of Christ within your heart? You understand what I'm talking about... I mean since that time your first believed on the Name of Jesus, however long ago it was for you, what are you doing for God today?

Note that Joseph and Mary were still going to church and  sincerely serving the Lord 12 years later. They were making there annual trek to Jerusalem as they had EVERY year! How faithful are you to the things of God 12 years later? What priorities do you hold 12 years later?

Ps 84 tells us about David's love for worshipping God. David exclaims ..How amiable, (how lovable, how deerly held) are thy tabernacle oh Lord... He jealously refers to the birds that were able to make the altars their home. Then David makes this statement ~ 4 Blessed are they that dwell in thy house: they will be still praising thee. Selah.

Are you still praising Him 12 years after Christmas? Are you still overwhelmed, overjoyed and excited?

Joseph and Mary were not concerned about Jesus' whereabouts as they left Jerusalem. It was common for the kinfolk and friends to care for one another's children while in the 'company' as they journeyed.

Are you involved in the Church family? or are you still a by-stander, an onlooker in the midst of the congregation?
12 years later what is you commitment to the church family?

Then they realized Jesus was missing. The sought for Him 3 days. What a typical family incident. I say typical
because I've lost my boys a time or two.

While unbelievably busy with our first church, I left the school one day in a hurry and as I drove up the drive-way
at home and realized I didn't see my son in the van with me. I frantically drove back to the school, no Jason.
I called several of the students hoping he had rode with one of them. I could not find him. I knew I was in
trouble with my wife!!!! What would I tell her? I was on my way back home, thinking surely one of the
parents brought him home (2 hours later). I ran into  the house nothing, nothing on the answering machine,
no note on the door... NOTHING! My wife is now driving up the dirve way.. what was I going to tell her?
As I walked out to her car to tell her I had somehow lost her firstborn, I was walking by the Van and came
face to face with Jason thru the back window!!! he had  climbed in the back of the van to wait for me, as I had
told him (who would have thought he would listen for a change?) he had fallen asleep on the rear seat. "hello,
Connie, how was your day, Jason and I were waiting for your so we could take you to eat" (yeah right)

They found Jesus as he had began to fulfill build the foundation of His ministry. he was teaching doctors
things that astounded them. yet He 'submitted' to his parents and went home with them. He had a great,
a wonderful family that cared for Him and still, after 12 years was serving God.

Tonight I ask you to bring your family to the altar. Let your family, your wife, your children hear you say
their name in prayer for them. make the decision to lead your family in a stronger, closer service unto
the Lord.

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