"They Never Heard of Christmas"

-- John H. Sanford
Why have we not heard of Christmas?
   Why have you denied us light;
   We who long have groped in darkness
   Chained by sorrow, sin and night?

   Why have you refused to tell us
   Of this Son born from above?
   Why have you withheld such tidings
   Of God's condescending love?

When was it you learned of Christmas?
   Has this story just been heard?
   Can it be that God would send Him
   Just for you who hold His Word?

   Will you still deny us Christmas?
   Will we still reach out in vain?
   Can it be that we must perish
   Never having heard that Name?

 All our fathers died in torment,
   Racked with anguish, fear and pain;
   Never knowing of a Savior,
   Never breathing Jesus' Name!

Hear the words of hopeless millions,
   Dying where no light has been:
   "Won't you share this Christ of Christmas,
   Let Him save us from our sin?"


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