"A Life Twice Saved"
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by Ben Feldott

Years ago a wealthy English family was entertaining friends at their home. As the children swam one ventured into the deep water and began to drown. The gardner heard the other children screaming and jumped into the water and saved the child. The youngsters name was Winston Churchill. Deeply grateful to the gardner, the parents asked how they could ever repay him. He hesitated, but then said "I wish my son could go to college comeday to be a doctor. "He will" said Churchhill's parents. "We will pay his way." Years later when Sir Winston was Prime Minister, he became ill with pneumonia. The best physician the king could find was called to the bedside of the ailing leader. His name Sir Alexander Flemming, the developer of penecillin and the son of that Gardner who long ago saved a drowning Winston. Churchill later said, "Rarely has a man owed his life twice to the same person." As believers we owe a debt of gratitude and service to the Lord because He made and He saved us.